Here are some stories from amazing people that I had the pleasure of working with.

Vanessa Stockie Minot, ND

I met Darren about two months before my wedding, I had already purchased my dress and just came off vacation gaining an unspeakable amount of weight. I'm also obsessed with having a big booty. He was truly an amazing trainer as he trained me with the perfect combination of toughness and warmth. He knew when to encourage and when to push. Because of him I lost the weight way before my wedding and kept it off. I have to say I was drop dead gorgeous in my wedding dress and this was possible because he works the whole person, mentally, physically and emotionally. That's where his amazingness comes from.

After photo of a 1Solidcore client
Before photo of a 1Solidcore client

Kim Hankston Minot, ND

Darren is a truly excellent trainer, he is passionate about fitness and it shows through the energy and enthusiasm he brings to every session. He's easy going, and his friendly personality creates a relaxed, comfortable environment. He makes each workout challenging, creative and fun. Darren works the whole person, mentally, emotional and physically. Because of him I am stronger, more flexible and I've got great new muscles. If you are serious about changing your life to the better, Darren will lead you every step of the way.

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Alex Langan Minot, ND

I started my journey with Darren in July of 2015. I wanted to start working with a personal trainer because I had just recently gotten engaged and realized I needed to make some changes. When I first started training with Darren I was pushing 300 lbs, I could barely walk any distance without becoming winded and tired. Through out our time training together he has pushed me to better myself and not give up. Through out this process he has become my rock and motivator. Now a little more then a month away to my wedding and I've lost 82 pounds and went from a size 3x-24 pants to xl-14 pants. I also am able to walk and use stairs without becoming winded, I'm able to take fitness classes and keep up. I can use Jacobs Ladder for 50 minutes now where in the beginning I didn't last 1 minute. Other benefits are I haven't been sick in a year, my joints no longer hurt and I rarely have back pain anymore. I truly believe if I didn't have Darren pushing me the entire time, I would have given up and not be where I am today.  Thank you for not only being my trainer, but my life coach.

Satisfied 1Solidcore client

Maegan Johnson Minot, ND

Darren Browning is one of the most upbeat trainers I have ever met. I attended all of his classes in Minot ND. Every single class is different but completely fun. They also challenge you to push yourself farther than you ever thought. His regulars were sad to see him go, but Minneapolis has gained an amazing instructor.

Jason Elmore Minot, ND

My name is Jason Elmore, I've had a gym membership since I was 19 and my attendance has always been sporadic at best. I decided I wanted to take my personal fitness seriously and I began considering a personal trainer. I decided to talk with Darren who worked full time at my gym as a personal trainer in July of 2015. I attended my first session with him soon after with a goal in mind.Darren is a well rounded and dynamic personal trainer. His personality is reflected in his workouts and makes going to the gym a lot of fun. He showed me workouts to attack specific muscle groups, effective cardio routines, and proper form. He encouraged me to attend the gym classes that he taught along with our sessions, and before I knew it I was looking forward to going to the gym everyday. He taught me that nutrition and exercise go hand in hand which helped me reach my fitness goal. Thanks to Darren's advice and encouragement, I met my goal of adding 15 lbs of lean muscle and in the end made a substantial improvement to my overall health and wellness. I decided to keep training with Darren long after I reached my original goal, and I didn't just gain a better body, I gained a life long friend.

Satisfied 1Solidcore client
Satisfied 1Solidcore client

Jessie Boser Minot, ND

When I started training with Darren I was an overweight, daily Caribou coffee drinking, drive thru loving hockey mom with three sons  whom couldn't even make it thru 15 crunches , slowly walking on a treadmill for three minutes or even lift a five pound weight.   Thru  his leadership and motivation at training session and classes he taught I have made huge improvements in endurance, strength and muscle tone in which I had none. With his help at the gym for the first time ever I was able to go shopping for clothing in a smaller size not being forced to buy clothes in a larger size.

Darren's sessions are challenging and always changing so I was never bored.  He always had exercises  in my workouts I could do at home if I could not make it to the gym or exercises I could do at the smaller gyms in the hotels we stayed at.  Darren's honesty is part of his sessions I appreciated whether it was while I was slacking or had questions on nutrition.

One  of my goals when I started training was to be able to keep up with my kids in the spring outside playing and riding bike.  During  first bike ride we took the spring my child looked at me exhausted and asked if we could slow down and return home and I hadn't even broke a sweat yet.

My other goal was to impress two of the hockey players in my house as well as my husband. the two hockey players in my house dared me to do a plank for a specified time, which  I easily met and went double the time they dared impressing both of them. I impressed my husband when he joined me for the only class he ever attended of Darren's  as to how I never gave up and kept right up with Darren and tips to help him keep up.
Neither  of these goals would have ever been accomplished been achieved without the help of Darren.  I had never made it a point to go to classes before but would schedule to make it as many of his as I could possible.  I appreciate all I have learned from Darren and miss our sessions dearly and feel I now live a happier fuller life thanks to him and his no nonsense attitude and honesty toward fitness and health.

Slate Garner  Minot, ND

During my enrollment at Anytime Fitness, I had shield away from group fitness workouts simply because of my introversion. Darren Browning brought me out into the open and his workouts because my favorite part of going to the gym. His charisma and professionalism, as well as his experience in multitude of not only high cardio, dance styles, weights and circuit training classes, but his personal training classes absolutely propelled my endurance, strength, and social skills. He keeps a fine coolness, no matter the pressure of outside forces, and has a high flexibility factor which is one of the many high points that just keeps me coming back to train.

To whomever comes across Darren on and off day or just looking for something new and exciting, take a class. You won't regret it.

Satisfied 1Solidcore client

Macee B, ND

I have been doing off ice training for about 2 1/2 years . It has helped me a lot with my strength to do my jumps and spins.  My landings also got stronger. The balance beam helped a lot with strength and overall balance, and I'm a lot more flexible than I was before . Overall It helped me with my skating abilities and has made me a stronger skater. I now have stronger and more stable jumps and the flexibility on my spins have tripled.

Satisfied 1Solidcore client

Shelbie L. Downey

Whether you’re new to your fitness journey or a seasoned exerciser, Darren will push you to achieve new goals! As a coworker and having five years’ experience teaching group fitness, I always felt motivated and challenged by Darren. His energy is contagious and he encourages you to reach places you’ve never gone before, all while having fun! His classes are engaging and top notch. He’ll break down movements so that all levels feel welcome and comfortable. Whether you’re weight training or learning new dance moves, Darren provides that personal support (even in a group setting) so that at the end of the workout you know you accomplished something! You’ll be surprised how far you can go in your journey with him by your side!

Satisfied 1Solidcore client
Satisfied 1Solidcore client

Secret Evans Minot, ND

Darren is truly an inspiring trainer that cares about assisting others in reaching their goals. He has a way of bringing his passion for fitness and positive energy into every class he teaches. I had been struggling with motivation after a rough pregnancy and training injury, but Darren keeps pushing me with new ways to succeed. When I began attending Darren’s classes, my whole body would ache the next day. After 4 months, I can feel a new physical and mental strength inside me. I am extremely grateful that he spoke to me one day in the gym and encouraged me to attend his classes. If you want a trainer that will push you to your limit and support you in your journey, Darren is the person you need in your life.