Training Programs

If you want personalized time with me, whether you are focused on losing weight or sculpting up for the summer or simply want to keep fit and healthy, then this is a great option for you.

Everyone has different goals and ambitions and I will personally help and design a program just for you to make sure you achieve your set goals. Your success will be achieved through a combination of nutrition, training, and lifestyle.

With my help and the help from each other you will be looking great and feeling great.

One-on-One Personal Training
Small Group Personal Training

Team support can be very motivational. Which is why I offer small (semi-private) group personal training. You can bring a friend, a spouse, or some of your co-workers to help keep you motivated.

You will help push each other and make your experience even more memorable.

A photo of man training | 1Solidcore personal trainer
A photo of  group exercising | 1Solidcore Personal Trainer