Program Choreography

Musicians interpret music and skaters attempt to use their physical skills to communicate emotional themes through the use of movement in coordination with the music performed by musicians. In a well choreographed program the theme will be self evident.

Many coaches do not start early enough in the training season to achieve the basic layout for both a skaters program. Programs should be designed so that the skater can complete in their daily program practices to maintain their stamina.

As the skaters skills develop, the coach and the choreographer should gradually add to the levels of difficulty.

Ultimately it must be decided how they skater can demonstrate an artistic proficiency in their free skate program. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the judges to evaluate the skaters ability to effectively communicate the music chosen.

Our Style of Choreography

I bring my choreography not from a skating background but from a dancers background - musical theater, for over 25 years. I have been choreographing for skaters for over 6 years now with many winning routines along with numerous ice shows and Hockey performances.  I was also the head coach and choreographer for the Magic City Spotlights Theater on Ice Team . Leading the team to a 10th place finish out of 23 teams for their first year.  Besides the routine choreography itself I will work with the skaters posture and hand position bringing a dancers polish to them. 


If you are in need of choreography or even program and music ideas, feel free to contact Darren Browning at or send a text message to 770.330.2640.

Rates $1.00 / minute

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