Off Ice Training

Figure skating is a sport that puts significant strength and flexibility demands on the body. Skaters are some of the strongest athletes in the world. Some skaters have natural strength, balance, and core strength that will take them through the lower levels of skating quickly, but the majority of skaters need to improve upon each of those attributes in order to progress to higher levels. By completing an off-ice training program 2-3 times a week, skaters will progress their on-ice skills at a faster pace, and be able to handle the strength demands of jumping, spinning, and long programs.

With 1Solidcore there are workouts that will build a solid core strength, help you improve your flexibility and leg strength and stamina.

Private and group off ice training is available. If you live in the Minneapolis surrounding areas and would like to have in person off ice training contact Darren at 770.330.2640.

Why should skaters perform Off-Ice Training? It will enhance the skaters skill and performance and help reduce and/or prevent skating related injuries?

What other benefits come from Off-Ice Training?
  • Enhanced posture and/or positioning on the ice

  • Increased stroking speed and power

  • Increased jumping height

  • Increased rotation speed of jumps

  • Increased speed of jump check-outs

  • Improved strength of jumping landing

  • Improved positioning and/or strength of holding spin position

  • Improved upper-body strength for choreography movements

  • Enhanced cardiovascular condition to complete short and long programs with more efficiency

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